Invoice processing can be one of the most time consuming operations of a company. Most information is received on paper and has to be dealt with manually. The inefficiency can lead to inaccurate payments and delays that can damage supplier relations.

With Ricoh Accounts Payable Solutions, you can get your invoices into an electronic workflow to significantly cut costs, time and error from your accounts payable processes, enabling your staff to focus on profit-generating activities.

Gain full control of your accounts payable cycle
With the critical accounting information you need right in your hands, you will be able to pay invoices faster and lower the associated costs.
Manage all your information with a unified platform
  • • Financial Reports
  • • Invoices
  • • Annual Reports
  • • Agreements
  • • Bank Confirmation
  • • Debtor/Creditor Confirmation
Benefits to your business
Go paperless
High resolution digital images of all invoices are made available to allow your company to receive, process and archive invoices electronically for faster processing.
Facilitate e-invoicing
Multichannel invoice submission enables paper-based suppliers to submit invoices via the more efficient electronic channels.
Gain complete control
You will be in full control of the invoices received and the whole accounts payable process, with audit trails automatically created to help enforce your business control.
Reduce turnaround time
Speed up end-to-end accounts payable processing with automatic invoice capture, deadline-driven workflows and a “no-entry” approach.
Save costs
Reduce manual processes to enhance efficiency of the approval procedure, thereby cutting the cost per invoice.
Optimize cash flow
With the right information at your fingertips, you can pay invoices faster and earlier, and take advantage of discount opportunities.
Enhance productivity with user-friendly interfaces
The browser-independent user interfaces enable staff members to work on their mobile devices productively, while the built-in visual design of workflows, business controls and user screens enables rapid process improvement.
Improve management efficiency
Mobile applications allow the management to access financial data anytime anywhere for better business decisions.
See how our solution works for your different departments to achieve enhanced efficiency and cost savings.