Is your company still dealing with a manual, paper-based account opening process? Our Account Opening Solutions help enhance the process of new clients onboarding by transforming it from a time-consuming and error-prone account opening experience to a quick and easy mobile process. Backed by the latest technologies and comprehensive support from our team of experienced business management specialists, you will be able to realise digital process transformation with the right tools and tactics, reducing operational costs while enjoying a substantial competitive advantage.

The automatic account opening process
Ricoh’s Account Opening Solutions are ready to help you get your new customers into a seamless electronic workflow, lower account acquisition costs, facilitate new revenue generation and ensure regulatory compliances.
Apply for a new account anytime anywhere
Data validation with the existing database
Review & Approval Workflow which can be customised
Data Integration &
Auto Filing
Beyond automation

To optmise the benefits of account opening process automation, we are giving you added values:
  • • integration with your existing systems to create automated workflows that require minimal manual involvement, while ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

  • • integration with various third party systems using technology tools to validate applicants’ information, so as to support compliance every step of the way.

  • • Data capture from multiple sources to ensure that your company can get all of the necessary, up-to-date information for processing the application.

Benefits to your business
With the right blend of technologies and expertise, we provide cutting-edge on-line account opening solutions delivering a number of benefits:
Simplify the process
Automate and simplify the manual and paper-based process, and decrease the demand for resources.
Deliver a better customer experience
Attract and retain more customers, and exceed customer expectations across all touch points with a truly agile and streamlined process.
Generate revenue
Achieve a higher rate of completed applications for revenue generation.
Enhance regulatory compliance
The single point of information entry not only enables faster application review and approval, but also ensures compliance with regulatory policies.
Reduce errors
Eliminate data errors, duplications, delays and lost documents.
Keep costs down
Keep costs to a minimum by eliminating inefficiencies and optimising information management.
See how our solution works for your different departments to achieve enhanced efficiency and cost savings.