The administrative processes of HR department including recruitment, employee relations, compensation and benefits, compliance with labour laws, training and development can be costly and time-consuming. With our HR workflow solutions, information is well organized and automatically routed to the appropriate files, speeding up the whole process while eliminating repetitive tasks to boost productivity.

Core HR functions that can be improved with automation

Send confidentiality agreements, waivers and other forms to new hires.

Rate employee performance in an electronic form

Facilitate the distribution of IR56 forms and other tax documents with employee email reminders.

Records management
Retain employees’ records according to government regulations.

Automatically store applications submitted online and assign them to a recruiter for review.

Compensation & Benefits
Track when employees become eligible for benefits enrollment.

Paperless job applications ease the hiring process:
Simplify and speed up the employment process by going paperless!
Capture & Digitization
Use web forms to capture and route job applications
Instantly send notifications to hiring managers when an application requires review
Route hiring decisions to HR to expedite the employee onboarding process
Automatic scheduling
Automatically schedule IT provisioning, benefits enrollment and other onboarding tasks when a new employee is hired
Manage all your information with a unified platform
  • • Resumes
  • • Job Descriptions
  • • Applications
  • • Employment Contracts
  • • Insurance Documents
  • • Letters of Reference
Benefits to your business
Reduce costs
Reduced storage, printing and courier costs for hardcopies of documents including contracts, forms and supporting documents.
Minimize human errors and loss of documents
Fewer data entry errors and lost or misplaced files. And hardcopy of claim form is no longer required, reducing the risk of document loss.
Ensure compliance and boost business growth
Reduced risk of non-compliance penalties, and better support for organizational growth through efficient hiring and lower operational costs.
Improve HR processes
Better collaboration with executives to recruit, train and retain top talent.
Improve organization’s agility
Mobile applications improve employee's productivity and satisfaction.
See how our solution works for your different departments to achieve enhanced efficiency and cost savings.